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music-related quotes

Various quotes and lyrics from rockstars I admire

"i enjoy being a bitch. i enjoy being surrounded by bitches. boredom is the biggest disease in the world, darling."--freddie mercury
"mythologizing kurt cobain is something he would abhor."--michael stipe
" today's woman puts on wigs, fake eyelashes, false fingernails, sixteen pounds of assorted make-up/shadows/blushes/creams, living bras, various pads that would make a linebacker envious, has implants and assorted other surgeries, then complains that she can not find a "real" man."--maynard james keenan
"the studio is an instrument, manipulate it. i don't go in thinking it's got to sound like my band."--trent reznor
"ac/dc's 'highway to hell' is the greatest meshing of vocal, guitar and content i've ever heard. that's what i aspire to."--bonnie raitt
"i love getting stoned. it's the greatest thing in the fucking world."--thom yorke
"there's no time to discriminate, hate every motherfucker that's in your way"--marilyn manson (the beautiful people)
"once i could see, now i am blind"--NIN (suck)
"your god is dead, and no one cares. if there is a hell, i'll see you there"--NIN (heresy)
"i'm the one to blame. i didn't mean it. did too much cocaine. i didn't mean it"--placebo (slackerbitch)
"so, so you think you could tell...heaven from hell"--pink floyd (wish you were here)
"all i wanna is get with you and make the pain go away"--korn (trash)
"sometimes i grow so tired. but I know I got one thing I got to do. ramble on!"--led zepplin (ramble on)
"and ana wrecks your life, like an anorexia life"--silver chair (ana's song)
"pretty noose is pretty pain"--soundgarden (pretty noose)
"once i ran to you. now i run from you. this tainted love you're giving. i gave you all a boy could give you"--soft cell (tainted love)
"when i get to the bottom, i go back to the top of the slide. where i stop and i turn and i go for a ride till i get to the bottom and i see you again"--the beatles (helter skelter)
"everyone's out to get you motherfucker"--beck (mutherfuker)
"you just don't get it. you keep it copacetic. and you learn to accept it, you know it's so pathetic"--local h (bound for the floor)
"kill your god. kill your tv"--marilyn manson (astonishing panorama of the end times)
"five to one, baby, one in five. no one here gets out alive"--the doors (five to one)
"karma police, i've given all i can, it's not enough"--radiohead (karma police)
"take it easy baby, take it as it comes"--the doors (take it as it comes)
"try to run, try to hide. break on through to the other side"--the doors (break on through)
"all the children are insane. lost in a roman wilderness of pain"--the doors (the end)
"no i don't think you know what you've been missing. just forget me, it's that simple"--taking back sunday (your own disaster)
"c'mon and kick me"--weezer (hash pipe)
"i wanna give you whatever you need"--dashboard confessional (ender will save us all)
"things have never been so swell. i have never failed to feel pain. you know you're right"--nirvana (you know you're right)
"i write to remember"--at the drive-in (one armed scissor)
"whatever happened to my rock and roll"--black rebel motorcycle club (punk song)
"my life, my world"--xzibit (my life, my world)
"when you lose small mind you free your lives"--system of a down (aerials)
"experiment with mind control"--swollen members (members only)
"it's because of these drugs i do, that's why i do the things i do"--d12 (these drugs)
"i said i'm sorry momma, i never meant to hurt you. i never meant to make you cry"--eminem (cleaning out my closet)
"one day we all gon' die, but when i die i'ma be so high that i'ma get up and walk"--j black (hellbound)
"a lot of people ask me am i afraid of death. hell yeah i'm afraid of death, i don't wanna die yet. a lot of people think that i worship the devil, that i do all types of retarded shit. look, i can't change the way i think and i can't change the way i am, but if I offended you, good, 'cause i still don't give a fuck"--eminem (still don't give a fuck)
"from the second i was born my mama lost me"--eminem (still don't give a fuck)
"the world is a vampire"--smashing pumpkins (rat in a cage)
"if there is a god, i know he likes to rock"--smashing pumpkins (if there is a god)
"can't you see that i am not afraid"--the doors (touch me)
"i love it but i hate the taste"--foo fighters (all my life)
"but lord i need it all"--dr hook (get my rocks off)
"i find it kid of funny, i find it kind sad. the dreams in which i'm dyin are the best i've ever had"--gary jules (mad world)
"tell me now, who's my saving one? jesus or a gun?"--fuel (jesus or a gun)
"now i'll play god, 'cos your god is just losing his touch"--jack off jill (losing his touch)
"now you make the scene all day, but tomorrow there'll be hell to pay"--squirrel nut zippers (hell)
"cause i can't take anymore of this, i want to come apart. or dig myself a little hole inside your precious heart. cause it's always raining in my head, forget all of the things i should've said"--staind (epiphany)
"since everything in me, between pluto and god, all is hell bent"--kenna (hell bent)
"somehow it always seems that i'm dreamin' of something i can never be. it doesn't matter to me, 'cause i will always be that pimp that i see in all of my fantasies"--korn (A.D.I.D.A.S.)
"i wanna kill and rape you the way you raped me"--korn (thoughtless)
"i've had my share of sand kicked in my face, but i've come through. and i need to go on and on and on"--queen (we are the champions)
"i'm gunna get free, ride in to the sun. she never loved me, why should anyone?"--the vines (get free)
"To ascend you must die. You must be crucified for your sins and your lies."--tool (eulogy)
"fear is your only god"-- RATM (vietnow)
"found a box of sharp objects, what a beautiful day"-- the used (a box full of sharp objects)
"staring at the setting sun. no reason to come back again. The twilight world in blue and white, the needle and the damage done"--Thursday (understanding in a car crash)
"God sometimes you just don't come through."--tori amos (god)